Director/DP/Still Photographer, Tyler Stableford has earned worldwide acclaim for his work.  He crafts bold visual stories for TV commercials, print and branded campaigns. Starting his career as a climbing photo journalist, Tyler’s passion for photography and cinematography evolved to encompass a very personal human connection to people and to a sense of place. 

He is inspired by any project that helps share a story with the world.  And what inspires him most is kindness — even small expressions of kindness endear him to humanity.

Tyler is happiest shooting projects that don’t just involve a human story, but rather depend on a human story for their very success — that’s where he’s challenged as a director and an image-maker to connect deeply to his subjects, to share their hearts with a larger audience, and to do this with mutual trust and teamwork.

From living in western Colorado for the past 20 years, he’s come to adore the farming and ranching culture that surrounds him.  Tyler started a personal fine-art portraiture project called  “The Farmers,” which has grown to become a national Canon campaign featuring farmers and ranchers around the country.  According to Stableford,  “Farmers are humble; they shy away from attention (and cameras), and capturing their portraits has brought me closer to so many wonderful people.  Plus, I get to wear a cowboy hat to work!” 

Tyler is one of Canon’s prestigious Explorers of Light and Men’s Journal named him “One of the Seven World’s Greatest Adventure Photographers.” His award–winning short films have screened at film festivals around the globe.

Tyler’s passion for storytelling extends beyond commercial work — he volunteers to shoot at least one week per year for nonprofits. He also loves spending quality time outdoors with his wife, two children and friends. 

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